Para inscribirse en uno de nuestros cursos hay que realizar una prueba de nivel previa sin compromiso.

La primera parte de esta prueba consiste en 80 preguntas tipo test que podrá realizar online.

Antes de enviarla tome nota del localizador. Con el llámenos al 955861951 y le daremos cita para un entrevista personal en la que se evaluara su compresión y expresión oral, imprescindible para finalizar la prueba.

IMPORTANTE: En esta prueba no se recogen datos personales, por lo que es totalmente necesario que guarde el siguiente localizador antes de enviar la prueba.

    Localizador :

    01. I think ______ is called Ben.

    a) brother of Sarahb) Sarah´s brotherc) brother Sarah´s

    02. _____ do you live with?

    a) Whereb) Whatc) Who

    03. I´ve got a computer in my room, ______ I haven´t got a TV.

    a) sob) becausec) but

    04. Dan and his friends ______ football so they never play it.

    a) like notb) don´t likec) doesn´t like

    05. I ________ see my friends after school. I don´t have time.

    a) hardly everb) alwaysc) sometimes

    06. Cristine _______ TV now. She´s writing a letter.

    a) not watchingb) isn´t watchingc) aren´t watching

    07. Every Saturday Becky ______ into town to visit her aunt.

    a) walksb) is walkingc) walking

    08. How often do you go _________?

    a) swimb) to swimc) swimming

    09. Ben´s very good ____ speaking Spanish.
    a) atb) forc) in

    10. Mark and Maria _______ at home yesterday. They went to school.
    a) wasn´tb) werec) weren´t

    11. We _____ TV last night. We went to the cinema.
    a) don´t watchb) didn´t watchc) didn´t watched

    12. Yesterday Ben _____ his breakfast late because it was a school holiday.
    a) did haveb) hasc) had

    13. We need to buy ____ bread from the shop.
    a) ab) somec) any

    14. There aren´t _______ onions in the fridge.
    a) manyb) a lotc) much

    15. My parents want to buy a new wardrobe to put in the ______.
    a) bedroomb) kitchenc) living room

    16. Emma can sing ____ than her brother.

    a) goodb) wellc) better

    17. Next weekend _____ some friends at a café in town.

    a) I meetb) I´m meetc) I´m meeting

    18. The library is ____ the cinema - on the other side of the road.

    a) behindb) oppositec) next to

    19. Jenna ______ wear a uniform at school. She can wear what she likes.
    a) doesn´t have tob) don´t has toc) hasn´t to

    20. Becky and Stephen _____ all their tennis matches this term. It´s great.

    a) haven´t wonb) have winc) have won

    21. Helen ____ TV during the week - she´s always too busy.

    a) don´t watchb) doesn´t watchc) isn´t watching

    22. I went shopping yesterday, but I ____ anything.

    a) don´t boughtb) didn´t boughtc) didn´t buy

    23. ____ to play in the park when you were a child?

    a) Did you useb) Do you usec) Did you used

    24. When we saw Jonathan on Saturday, he ____ football with his friends.

    a) was playingb) playedc) has played

    25. The ham sandwiches are ____ than the cheese ones.
    a) more niceb) nicestc) nicer

    26. At the end of a meal in the restaurant, the waiter will bring the ____.

    a) orderb) billc) menu

    27. Greg _____ go to the beach tomorrow. It depends on the weather.

    a) willb) might notc) won´t

    28. You can go to the skateboard park for free. You ____ to pay.

    a) haven´tb) mustn´tc) don´t have

    29. Emily is a really good friend, isn´t she? How long ___ her?

    a) have you knownb) do you knowc) did you know

    30. The weather´s been cold ____ a long time this winter.

    a) sinceb) fromc) for

    31. Jenni never worries when things go wrong. She´s very ____.

    a) easy-goingb) sociablec) honest

    32. If I ____ out with my friends, I always spend a lot of money.

    a) will gob) wentc) go

    33. Sorry - I´m late for class, _____?

    a) don´t Ib) haven´t Ic) aren´t I

    34. This is the café ____ we sometimes have lunch.

    a) thatb) wherec) which

    35. When I´m on holiday, I really enjoy ____ on the beach.

    a) relaxingb) to relaxc) relax

    36. You can _____ a number 55 bus to get to the city centre.

    a) rideb) catchc) drive

    37. Many of the James Bond books _____ in the 1950s.

    a) were writtenb) wrotec) are written

    38. If I won a lot of money, I _____ it all quickly.

    a) will spendb) spentc) would spend

    39. I never wear this t-shirt I bought - I really _____ my money on it!

    a) lostb) wastedc) saved

    40. I didn´t see _____ I knew in town yesterday.

    a) anyoneb) someonec) no-one

    41. Sam usually _____ a bottle of water while he´s training in the gym.

    a) drankb) has drunkc) is drinkingd) drinks

    42. Daniel hates washing the dishes - he tries to get _____ doing it every evening!

    a) throughb) out ofc) outd) on with

    43. Helen _____ finished her homework yet. She´s still got an exercise to do.

    a) doesn´tb) isn´tc) hasn´td) hadn´t

    44. How long _____ English?

    a) do you learnb) have you been learntc) you have learntd) have you been learning

    45. There´s been a major _____ here for two months now, so the gardens are dry.

    a) droughtb) hurricanec) avalanched) flood

    46. I want to play tennis, but _____ soon - look at those black clouds.

    a) it´s rainingb) it will rainc) it rainsd) it´s going to rain

    47. I won´t improve my football skills _____ I practise a lot more.

    a) unlessb) whenc) ifd) if not

    48. Sean´s a good friend - whenever I have a problem, he´s always very _____.

    a) politeb) chattyc) sympatheticd) outgoing

    49. Our teachers don´t ____ during classes.

    a) let us talkingb) to let us talkc) let us to talkd) let us talk

    50. Fresh pizza _____ made in that café every day - try some!

    a) areb) isc) wasd) were

    51. My family _____ dinner when I got home from the cinema.

    a) already ateb) had already eatenc) have already eatend) had already been eating

    52. My mobile _____ be in my room - I´ve looked absolutely everywhere in there!

    a) mustb) mightc) can´td) mustn´t

    53. If this rain goes _____ for much longer, we´ll have to cancel the football match.

    a) throughb) awayc) overd) on

    54. I know someone _____ sister is a professional skateboarder.

    a) whoseb) whichc) who´sd) who

    55. I occasionally get a bit angry with my little brother - he can be quite ____ at times!

    a) upsettingb) amusingc) annoyingd) fascinating

    56. ´I´ve got a cold,´said Emma. - Emma told me ______ a cold.

    a) she´d gotb) I´ve gotc) she gotd) she´s got

    57. I didn´t work very hard for my test last week - so my result wasn´t very good. I wish I _____ harder for my test.

    a) would workb) did workc) had workedd) worked

    58. I´d rather _____ at home than go into town tonight.

    a) I stayedb) to stayc) I would stayd) stay

    59. If I _____ late, I wouldn´t have missed the bus.

    a) wasn´t lateb) hadn´t beenc) don´t bed) had been

    60. I can easily listen to music and concentrate ______ my homework at the same time!

    a) onb) inc) ford) with

    61. I don´t believe the story that Vicky told me. I think she ________ it up.

    a) setb) madec) putd) invented

    62. My brother _____ his computer for only a month before it went wrong.

    a) had hadb) has been havingc) has hadd) had been having

    63. It was pouring with rain outside, so they decided _____ to the park.

    a) not goingb) to not goc) don´t god) not to go

    64. I´m slowly _____ the cold weather in London, but it´s very different from my country.

    a) used tob) getting used toc) not used tod) using to

    65. I can send texts ______ on this new phone than my old one.

    a) easierb) more easierc) more easilyd) easily

    66. I´m really looking forward to my holiday. This time next week _____ on the beach!

    a) I´m lyingb) I´ll be lyingc) I´ll lied) I´m going to lie

    67. My school work is really taking _____ a lot of my time at the moment.

    a) upb) awayc) outd) off

    68. The swimming pool in town looks much nicer now that all the walls _____ blue.

    a) were paintedb) have paintedc) will be paintedd) have been painted

    69. Dan went to _____ yesterday, ready for his birthday party.

    a) had cut his hairb) have cut his hairc) have his hair cutd) had his hair cut

    70. I woke up late so I missed my English class. If I hadn´t woken up late, I _____ my English class.

    a) didn´t missb) wouldn´t missc) hadn´t missedd) wouldn´t have missed

    71. My friends and I go swimming during the week _____ we miss the crowds at the weekends.

    a) forb) in orderc) because ofd) so that

    72. My friend Maria is always determined to do what she wants - I can never make her change her mind. She´s very _____.

    a) stubbornb) reliablec) enthusiasticd) imaginative

    73. Alfonso had better _____ late for his first day at school.

    a) didn´t beb) not bec) not to bed) don´t be

    74. If only I _____ that to my friend - she was quite angry with me!

    a) hadn´t saidb) wouldn´t sayc) wouldn´t have saidd) didn´t say

    75. Malcolm didn´t want to go to the party alone - he persuaded ______ with him.

    a) me that I gob) to goc) me goingd) me to go

    76. Alicia came _____ an old photo of her grandma while she was looking through her cupboard.

    a) outb) acrossc) aboutd) over

    77. My family and I _____ to London for the summer, but we haven´t really decided yet.

    a) will be goingb) might goingc) might be goingd) might to go

    78. Let´s go into town later and do some shopping, _____ we?

    a) willb) shallc) won´td) don´t

    79. I asked my friend Charlie where he´d bought his new watch. - ´Where _____ your new watch, Charlie?´I asked him.

    a) had you boughtb) do you buyc) did you buyd) have you bought

    80. Last summer, my parents took us all to stay at a place with lots of other teenagers, ____ was a great idea!

    a) whob) wherec) whichd) that

    *IMPORTANTE: En esta prueba no se recogen datos personales, por lo que es totalmente necesario que guarde el siguiente localizador antes de enviar la prueba.