Para inscribirse en uno de nuestros cursos hay que realizar una prueba de nivel previa sin compromiso.

La primera parte de esta prueba consiste en 60 preguntas tipo test que podrá realizar online.

Antes de enviarla tome nota del localizador. Con el llámenos al 955861951 y le daremos cita para un entrevista personal en la que se evaluara su compresión y expresión oral, imprescindible para finalizar la prueba.

IMPORTANTE: En esta prueba no se recogen datos personales, por lo que es totalmente necesario que guarde el siguiente localizador antes de enviar la prueba.

Localizador :

01. What´s ______ name?

a) hisb) he´sc) himd) hers

02. He _____ a teacher.

a) areb) doc) bed) is

03. Where _____ you from?

a) dob) isc) ared) did

04. She _____ in Madrid.

a) worksb) workingc) workesd) work

05. He _____ like fish.

a) doesn´tb) don´tc) isn´td) not

06. How old _____ you?

a) isb) doc) ared) have

07. He _____ 22 years old.

a) isb) hadc) hasd) have

08. There _____ a computer in my room.

a) nob) isc) ared) one

09. I _____ read but I can´t write.

a) doesn´tb) can´tc) cand) yes

10. How _____ students are there?

a) muchb) anyc) manyd) some

11. I am _____ football now.

a) to playb) playingc) not playd) play

12. There aren´t _____ apples.

a) anb) anyc) somed) no

13. She likes _____ on Sundays.

a) swimb) to going swimmingc) swimmingd) swims

14.I _____ playing basketball.

a) enjoysb) to enjoyc) enjoyingd) enjoy

15. He doesn´t _____ in Utrera.

a) livesb) to livec) lived) living

16. I _____ do my homework.

a) must tob) don´t mustc) mustn´t tod) must

17. _____ the weather like?

a) How´sb) Isc) What´sd) Does

18. He usually _____ football on Saturday.

a) playsb) playc) is playingd) to play

19. _____ you in class yesterday?

a) Wasb) Werec) Didd) Are

20. _____ Pau play basketball?

a) Wasb) Werec) Didd) Are

21. I _____ tennis yesterday.

a) playb) have playedc) playedd) playing

22. I _____ to Cadiz last week.

a) wentb) goc) wasd) was go

23. _____ you like an apple?

a) Wouldb) Doc) Cand) Are

24. I got _____ school late.

a) offb)toc) ind) on

25. I go _____ foot to school.

a) onb) byc) ofd) in

26. When _____ you start school? In 1998.

a) haveb) didc) hadd) do

27. Bill is _____ a blue coat.

a) wearb) to wearc) clothesd) wearing

28. Where did you _____ on holiday?

a) wentb) goesc) god) going

29. There is _____ in my room!

a) anyoneb) someonec) persond) people

30. Is there _____ bread?

a) ab) anyc) oned) many

31. What were you _____ at 6 o´clock yesterday?

a) doingb) doc) didd) done

32. Yesterday at 5 o´clock I _____ tennis.

a) playb) am playingc) was playingd) were playing

33. I think Real Madrid _____ win the league.

a) willb) goingc) will tod) going to

34. If it _____ tomorrow, I won´t go out.

a) will rainb) rainsc) to raind) raining

35. I _____ to see my grandmother this weekend.

a) goingb) willc) am goingd) shall

36. When I was 6 I _____ read.

a) canb) can´tc) couldn´td) don´t

37. I _____ to London tomorrow morning.

a) going to flyb) am flyingc) flyingd) flies

38. Madrid is _____ than Seville.

a) biggerb) the biggestc) more bigd) more bigger

39. He´s the _____ teacher I´ve ever had.

a) betterb) most goodc) bestd) good

40. If you study every day, you _____ the exam.

a) passb) would passc) passedd) will pass

41. Doctor: You _____ take this medicine twice a day.

a) mightb) couldc) shouldd) would

42. I was watching TV when the electricity _____.

a) was goingb) were goingc) god) went

43. Oranges have got _____ of vitamins.

a) manyb) muchc) a lotd) some

44. I _____ when someone stole my wallet.

a) shoppingb) was shoppingc) shoppedd) shop

45. The world _____ a lot in 200 years.

a) has changedb) have changedc) is changedd) are changing

46. Mobile phones have _____ an essential part of life.

a) becomeb) arec) becamed) be

47. I have known my best friend _____ 1997.

a) sinceb) forc) duringd) as

48. I´m not _____ go out late on weekdays.

a) letb) allowed toc) maded) permitted

49. We don´t _____ wear uniform at our school.

a) had tob) mustc) have tod) have

50. Oranges _____ grown in Andalucia.
a) areb) isc) dod) be

51. I haven´t finished _____.

a) stillb) alreadyc) justd) yet

52. I have _____ seen that film 5 times!

a) yetb) alreadyc) everd) still

53. Toni and Isa _____ many films recently.

a) are seeinga) have seenb) seend) see

54. They _____ in the restaurant for 2 hours when he arrived.

a) had beenb) have beenc) were beingd) were been

55. If I was rich, I _____ around the world.

a) would travelb) will travelc) traveld) can travel

56. When I was a child, I _____ football every day.

a) used to playb) was playingc) use to playd) have played

57. I´m tired. I _____ all day.

a) have workedb) have been workedc) have been workingd) am working

58. He seems to know a lot about medicine. He _____ a doctor.

a) would beb) can bec) can´t bed) might be

59. Have you ever _____ to Paris? It´s really romantic.

a) beenb) visitedc) goned) went

60. I´m really keen _____ learning English.

a) inb) withc) ond) for